Why you should learn polish | editorial illustrations
Diabetyk24 | visual identity
Illustration, Branding, Graphic Design
Ice cream for breakfast | cover and typesetting
Ministerstwo Dobrego Mydla | packaging illustration
Illustration, Packaging
Malcolm XD | illustrations and typesetting
Illustration, Art Direction, Editorial Design
ArtInPost | Parcel locker design
Illustration, Art Direction
Art at first sight | app for learning art history
Illustration, UI/UX, Editorial Design
Potop | illustrations and typesetting
Illustration, Editorial Design
Human Needs | icons and poster
Illustration, Graphic Design
Ecological calendar for Leszno borough
Illustration, Print Design, Drawing
16 steps to overcoming depression | illustrations
Graphic Design, Illustration, Web Design
women | cover, design and typesetting
Graphic Design
Grimms' Fairy Tales | photobook design
Editorial Design, Illustration, Print Design
Biobrain bio | packaging and natural branding
Illustration, Packaging, Product Design
Lindy hop poster
Zero Waste Kitchen | lettering & animations
Illustration, Animation, Product Design
"Peter Pan" 2020 | cover, illustrations and design
Illustration, Editorial Design
Dancing for you | movie poster
The Secret Garden 2020 | illustrations and design
Illustration, Editorial Design
Botanique Pharma | branding
Branding, Illustration, Packaging
Generic Human Being | illustrations
Illustration, Character Design
Happy feet | Personal illustrations
Mother nature | editorial illustration
Illustration, Art Direction
Illustration, Drawing
Safari notebook | cover, illustrations and typesetting
Illustration, Editorial Design, Typography
Sam już liczę & piszę | activity book
Secrets to speak like a pole | editorial illustrations
Tale of the cities
Illustration, Graphic Design
Silly cats calendar
Illustrator's travel diary
Volcanos memo
Illustration, Crafts, Pattern Design
Let's colour together
Illustration, Drawing, Editorial Design
Illustration, Drawing
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