Art at first sight is my Master's Thesis project that 
I did in the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. 
I designed a set of educational materials about art history 
for children aged 5-12. 

It's an app that includes print-at-home activity sheets, colouring book and a set of posters. The idea behind the app is very simple - a timeline, 3-8 artists per art period and a lot of pieces of art and connections between them. This last part is the most interesting to show, because it creates a lot of options to discover non-obvious connections 
between pieces of art. 
As a child I was always the one with perfectly organised notes.
My notebooks were highly popular among classmates since it was super easy to learn from well done and visually planned mind maps and tables with small illustrations. 

My first dream job was an animator at Pixar (hands up for all of the "Finding Nemo" and "Up" fans!). But I also had another dream that I thought was impossible to fulfil if I were to become an animator or artist. I wanted to create a textbook of my own to make learning easy for others one day. The same way I did with my school notebooks. 

This project in essentially making this dream come alive as an artist in 21st century :) 
The video is in polish, with a polish version of the logo ("pierwszy rzut oka na sztukę"). My Master's Thesis was made at polish Uni, so that determined the language choice. Take it as a chance to appreciate a little bit of this weird and beautiful language :) 
Another poster included a wordplay with the polish name of the app.
"Pierwszy rzut oka na sztukę" literally means "first throw of an eye at art" so that explains the joke here :)
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